Monday, February 20, 2012

breaking down

i've been on the edge of sanity for quite some time. i've gotten to a place where i just call people out if they are being stupid or lame. today's example.... my 45 y old brother post on facebook how annoyed he is that federal employees have the day off today. this point is perhaps valid if you have job. he cleared 600 dollars in fiscal year 2011, this money earned as an extra in a movie shot in in his town. he entire existence is subsidized by federal programs. he failed to see the irony of his statements. in fact, he has never had a regular job, never ever ever.

we are all dumb, we all make mistakes - we overlook the little stuff, we aren't perfect. rest assured i will be there to remind you of it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is a champion?

By definition:


A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, esp. in sports.
As cyclocross season unwinds, the "champions" are crowned. There is the MABRA and MAC (in this area, which is all care about). I wondered if anyone ever won both in the same year? I can't seem to tell from the web since the MABRA website doesn't have any historical data (heck they don't even have results up past 10/2/11).

Wes won the MABRA and will likely come in 2nd in the MAC. Bad Andy is going to win the MAC. I don't have anything against Bad Andy, but he hasn't won one MAC race. This, to me, is not a champion. Wes won the MAC in 2006 without winning a race either so I am not pointing fingers here, I just wanted some thoughts on this.

I know I have no room for input on these matters since I don't race bikes and I have never won any athletic competition. OK to be fair, I did win the sit up contest in gymnastics at the YMCA in 1984, but I cheated - only because the prize was Rain-Blow gum and gum was strictly prohibited in my house. I can still taste that gum. The yellow one with red spots on it....

Does it seem weird to crown a champion who doesn't win?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hero is not too strong of a word here

I have objectifying male cyclists since the year 2000 when I learned of their existence. I thought I was a freak, I didn’t know of any other girls like me who cared about cyclists without actually being a competitive cyclist. I am having my moment in the No Rain video when the little girl comes across all the other little bumble bees dancing in the field (in case you missed the 90’s click here)

Through twitter, more specifically through annoncx, I have found someone who is also obsessed, someone who does it bigger than me, and someone who does it better than me…

Click here unless you are afraid of awesome

So what does this mean to you, reader? Well, I hope through this discovery that BDIPC will evaluate my dossier of cyclo-cross riders in the mid-atlantic on her website. Before you get too excited know 2 things (1) I had to call my mom to ask her how to spell dossier and (2) Said dossier does not currently exist.

Details will be forthcoming if I can broker a deal, I don’t have high hopes at this time because as you can see she is a very busy person who is kicking ass on a pretty big scale.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Caught in a bad bromance

Wes + Jared
by: rkb119

Saturday, October 22, 2011

weird run

I went our for my long run this morning, minding my own business and enjoying the cool, crisp air. I was in the sketchier part of town and I came upon a protest. They had posters of fetuses at different stages and the closer I got to the clinic the more graphic the posters got. In front of the clinic were 2 armed guards escorting a scared girl.

The protesters were all old white affluent looking people. They were reading the bible and screaming awful things. One man was smoking and said "join us sister". I politely said "fuck off".
Having been a very scared young girl in a family way, my heart went out to people in this situation. I knew I could never have an abortion. That is easy decision when you come from a family that is supportive and accepting and in an economic position to absorb another family member. Most young girls in that situation aren't so fortunate. There is no good option for some. The thing that really got me fired up was these angry Bible beaters and their hate.

Well at any rate I had enough adrenaline to finish my run strong and ran in to the boys on the way home.

Monday, October 10, 2011

cross talk

In general, I don't mind spending weekends at races or alone because I think CX is pretty cool, and I have always admired the dedication that people put in to their sport. So Columbus Day is one of the few holidays that does not involve riding bikes in any way.... it is always after a hard CX weekend so I get Toney to myself and it is my day to do what I want (coffee, sex, nap, sex, coffee, nap, gym, cake, tv).

We have this neighborhood happy hour on Friday night and I was trying to explain where Wes was, what cross is, etc. When you say it out loud though it really is funny. "You ride a bike and jump over things"...."Yes, there is a race 5 miles away this weekend but he drove 10 hours to get points"... "points are important so you get a good position at nationals".... "no you don't get money for nationals"..."no it isn't anything at all like Lance Armstrong". For the most part, people don't get it - most adults spend their weekends washing cars, weeding, and other pointless shit.

Did you see that someone threw a hot dog at Tiger this weekend? Ironic, he is usually the one throwing the wiener around.